Terms and conditions(ETA Sri Lanka)

It is of utmost importance to understand that ETA is subjected to approval by the Sri Lankan authorities. The Sri Lankan government is the sole issuing authority of ETA. Thus it's mandatory for the applicants to go through the terms and conditions of our services and make their decisions accordingly. However we as an organization put our years of experience behind assuring that all our applicants receive their visa approvals on time. But we don’t guarantee that the application will always lead to visa approvals owing to a range of factors. It's important that the applicants are informed about the various terms and conditions related to e visa approval. We are explaining the Terms and conditions into simple, easy to understand language so that the applicants are aware about the set of conditions and there is transparency in the whole process of applying for e visas for Sri Lanka.


Terms and conditions related to Fee payment:

1.There are no provisions for transfer/refund/cancellation after the visa payment has been done. The applicants won't be reimbursed under any circumstances regardless of the fact that he/she gets visa approval or not.
2. The ETA application is put into the process of Sri Lankan government as soon as we receive the payment from the applicants.
3. The visa fees has to be submitted at the time of filling up of application forms. If the payment is not received the application gets automatically rejected.
4. The total fees charged by us includes the visa fees charged by the Sri Lankan authorities. It also includes our service charges for the value added services our website provides.


Terms and conditions related to visa application process:

1. The ETA applicants have to provide all the relevant information essential for applying for ETA services including their names, postal addresses etc. as mentioned in their passports. Any anomalies will lead to the cancellation of their ETA applications.
2. If any applicant is applying on behalf of an International tourist, he/she should have authorization from the traveler. Any error in filling up of details in the ETA application process has to be owed by the traveler and our organization takes no responsibility for it.
3. Our team of dedicated professionals try and make sure that the applications are submitted in the Government of Sri Lanka prescribed format. We might ask for additional information in order to speed up the visa approval process. The applicants are requested to provide these details as and when required.
4. The applicants should provide their correct email address at the time of application as the ETA is sent to the provided email address only in order to maintain privacy and control data theft.


eta.org.lk is a commercial website. We are not the Embassy/Consulate/High Commission or the representative of any Government Department of Sri Lanka. If you apply through eta.org.lk, we will consult, support all required documents for your ETA Visa applications and you will get your ETA visa update frequently and get ETA result from us. To apply e-Visa under our processing, you will be charged service fee and Sri Lankan Government Fee. Besides that, you can apply in person at Sri Lankan Missions or official Sri Lankan Government Website. Our fee will be higher than you apply directly on Sri Lanka Government Website or at Sri Lanka Missions in your country. If you prefer a non-guided service, you can visit the Sri Lanka Government website.
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